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For me, picking up a camera from a fairly young age, I didn't think that I was that artistic. At the age of seventeen the total number of shots that I was allowed to take at a wedding was thirty six!

My boss was horrified when a dozen weddings later as I grew in confidence I dared to shoot a fourth roll (48 shots!) by adding some extra arty shots and it was only by producing a huge order from the wedding that he didn't have me flayed alive!

The die was set and over the next ten years while working for others and ultimately myself I realised I'd found my true vocation. Who knows why I love weddings. Maybe it's because everybody turns up to a wedding determined to have a great time. It could be the combination of the seriousness of the wedding ceremony itself in contrast to the celebrations that go on afterwards. All I can tell you is that I approach each wedding that I shoot with the same enthusiasm that I originally did all those years ago.

The way wedding photography was priced back then meant that film and print costs placed
a big constraint on the freedom to experiment and play artistically at weddings. In 1987 I packed up shooting completely. I sold my cameras, and went into the repro and printing business which gave me the computer skills that have proved to be so useful now.

When digital came of age a few years ago those financial shackles with film and prints vanished which allowed me to experiment and play to my hearts content with minimal cost and now I can work with a bride and groom to help bring their fantasies to life without any constraints.

For those of you who are having a civil partnership, in any of our literature, you can transpose civil partnership for the word wedding, and vice versa. We are happy to cover both!

It enabled Pixels to be formed and to grow in the way that it has and to offer its clients something very very special.