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When Pixels made the decision almost five years ago to
offer coffee table wedding books there were very few album companies offering them. The trade prices were high and
we would have had to charge almost 2000 just for the
before adding the cost of our photography!

The flexibility offered was poor at the time as the album
companies insisted on creating the design, something we
love to do ourselves. The number of images that went
into an album was very low.

We made the decision to source our wedding books locally
and were fortunate to find a company willing to work with us.
With our help they created an exclusive range of books
that are better made and better priced.

All of our packages include photography, proofing and one
of our wedding books as a minimum. From a creative point
of view, we are very flexible in the design of your book. If a
design will look better with a few extra pages, we are happy to include those as part of the package. There is nothing extra
to pay to get a beautiful reminder of your day!

Almost five years of continuing development have gone into
the design of the books that we offer. The company that create
them for us also made the albums that were used for the BBC
and ITV's "This is your life" television programmes along with
many, many jobs for the Royal Family.

Handmade around your photographs they are a beautiful
mixture of the old and the new, combining new technology
with some techniques that go back centuries.

Our Ruby range of books offer five different colours of leather
but any flexible material can be used to create the cover of
your book. One of our clients from a wedding in 2001 asked
us to use a piece of her wedding dress material.

The edges of the pages are gilded in your choice of gold or
silver and enhance the overall appearance of the book to
that of a leather bound first edition which, of course, it is!

The Gold and Sapphire range use the finest leather, have a
metal image embedded in the cover and are supplied with a briefcase with fittings that match the colour of the gilding.